05 March 2010


Few days back i saw this stitch on the television and embroidered it immediately as not to forget it ......mainly it can be use for the petals and leaves...........
Unfortunately i don't know its name if any one of you know the name of the stitch please ...please comment in.

Here is what i have embroidered alone with the close ups

And down  are the photos showing how its made with some poor explanation by me hope you all understand looking at the photos itself.

So first the important thing is that there has to be two threads and not a single one.
Similar to bullion stitch, take the needle out from a point and insert it at a distant, a desire length which you want for the petal. Spread the thread on either side of the needle.

Then wrap the thread around the needle as shown.

Pull it, not too tight as we have to pull the needle out of this woven petal

Now take the thread of the other side and wrap around the needle.

Pull it.

Go on repeating from either sides till the desire length is woven.

Pull the needle out from it as we do for the bullion stitch.

Insert the needle at the same place where you have insert it before and the petal is fixed to the cloth.


  1. veena krishnakumar said...

    hi sonie
    this is very pretty. i think it is needle woven picot. looks like it , check it out at pin tangle.great tutorial
    thanks for sharing

  2. SONIE said...

    have checked it, needle woven picots is different from this work.

  3. veena krishnakumar said...

    oh ok
    from the first look of it i thought so. anyway i have learnt 2 stitches today, needle woven picot and your stitch.:-)

  4. Lakshmi said...

    sonie if it is not picot then it may be caston stitch!!

  5. Lakshmi said...

    oh u have given the procedure!! i didn't see..its double cast on stitch used predominatly in brazillion embroidery..single caston sttich is also there..

  6. nima said...

    wow..that's a beautiful bunch of flower...and love the bundle tie too...that's all i can say...no clue about the stitch

  7. Deepa said...

    This is double cast on stitch.Its a dimensional stitch.

  8. SONIE said...

    Thanks all for giving the information......with the help of ur suggested name I have searched and it is double cast-on stitch and more variation to cast-on stitch can b seen at http://www.brazilian-dimensional-embroidery.org/stitch_instructions.htm

  9. Beena.stephy said...

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