12 March 2010


Hi friends.........when i saw the knotted loop stitch and some of its variations made by Sharon I thought there wouldn't be any other way around to play with the stitch.....but when i started my trial work.....some ideas came up which i liked, but it is done by combination of other stitches.

This is my trials.

and then i thought lets try a flower.
well it looked somewhat incomplete so tried with french knot at the tips and i think its cute this way.

then some more ideas and below is the result, I have just made single cast-on stitch to give its a flowery look.

after all these experiment didn't felt like keeping the cloth away, so made a pillow cover with some more additions, though its not so good but its my fish aquarium.


  1. veena krishnakumar said...

    this is lovely especially the smiley:-)

  2. Lakshmi said...

    woww sonie..wonderful..u truesly have very creative brain..I like the fish very much..

  3. nima said...

    wow..very creative...i love the aquarium

  4. shirley said...

    Your examples are terrific. I saw the possibilities for a fish as well...love all your embroideries

  5. radhikavenkatsurya said...

    sonie it is really amazing . give me one week time iam buzy with my school .i will post my emb soon.

  6. crazyQstitcher said...

    I love your aquarium of fish and ferns. Great application for the stitch.