29 March 2010


Hi friends,

Its been a very busy week for me and this time i think i am the last to come up with my experiment of TAST2 group....so the new stitch was Portuguese Border Stitch and to see the tutorial by Sharon B is here.

And below is my work....with some closeups

and Tomorrow is Tuesday and with Tuesday comes a new stitch so friends do check in tomorrows for the new stitch ...

22 March 2010


Hello friends,
there are many ways of doing net works, below  are the picture of  some of  old work.

For the peacock feathers I have used button hole stitch and this work is also called as spider work.

And for the butterfly wings I have used Tulle stitch which is also called Spanish net and this stitch was called as net work in my embroidery class.

If there are any other names for these stitches do name them.

19 March 2010


Hi friends......
here are pictures of some of my old work....they are mainly for neck designs but can be also use wherever you like.

18 March 2010


Hi Friends........

BEADED HEDEBO EDGE  is the stitch discovered by Sharon B of Pin Tangle for the TAST 2010 week 3........a very beautiful stitch.....especially gives a very nice edge to the lace, as shown by Sharon.....I think that is best use of this stitch.....

Well I would like to inform it was ANNET who finished off her trial, quite very fast with beautifully coloured threads and I have also seen the work of SHIRLEY BLIGH who has done a very nice work with the stitch.

And now let me show you my experiment with the stitch.

Below in the center I have mixed the Diamond stitch and beaded hedebo edge.
On one side have used spring in the first and second step and have not worked the up and down buttonhole stitch and on the other side is the simple star.

And below are some variation of it.

15 March 2010


Hi friends,

NIMA of  MADE TO TREASURE............a beautiful homemaker and a person who is addicted to needle craft is celebrating her 100th post with beautiful giveaways............so if you want to win it over..........do rush in to leave your comment here.

The Giveaways snapshots are below....



Today on .........

resolve to exercise your consumer rights.........today, tomorrow and everyday.

Always do the following....
  1. Check MRP and insist for the bill on purchase.
  2. Asses its quality and make sure to know what it contains.
  3. Make sure that the goods/service provided to you is safe.
  4. Choose only that which is right for you.
  5. Ensure that your complaint, if any, is heard properly by its seller and manufacturer.
  6. Seek assistance from the Consumer Forum, if your complaint is not properly redressed.

To locate the Consumer Forum in your Area. log on here.

Below is the chart for redress el 

13 March 2010


This is my first trial with ribbon work......

12 March 2010


Here are some photos from a magazine which I like to share with you all .......
some very beautiful decorations for cup cakes.


Hi friends.........when i saw the knotted loop stitch and some of its variations made by Sharon I thought there wouldn't be any other way around to play with the stitch.....but when i started my trial work.....some ideas came up which i liked, but it is done by combination of other stitches.

This is my trials.

and then i thought lets try a flower.
well it looked somewhat incomplete so tried with french knot at the tips and i think its cute this way.

then some more ideas and below is the result, I have just made single cast-on stitch to give its a flowery look.

after all these experiment didn't felt like keeping the cloth away, so made a pillow cover with some more additions, though its not so good but its my fish aquarium.

11 March 2010


Summers are coming and so are mangoes.....

Here are few facts about mangoes.

  1. They contain more fibre than any other fruits.
  2. Though they are high in calories, they are low in fat and sodium.
  3. They contain no cholesterol, have beta-carotene and potassium.
  4. It is also a rich source of vitamin A and C
  5. Its good to have 2 mangoes in a day, particularly if you are watching calories.

09 March 2010


So friend Tuesday is back again and Sharon had yet again searched a beautiful stitch......

Todays stitch is knotted loop stitch.
Its really a beautiful stitch and Sharon have also shown some variations of the stitch .......the stitch can be also used for the couching work but i don't feel to do couching work again.  So will be trying what Sharon had shown us and some add ons. Will be embroidering it soon and posting the photo for your comments...

Till then I wish you all best of luck for your experiments with knotted loop stitch.

08 March 2010




05 March 2010


Few days back i saw this stitch on the television and embroidered it immediately as not to forget it ......mainly it can be use for the petals and leaves...........
Unfortunately i don't know its name if any one of you know the name of the stitch please ...please comment in.

Here is what i have embroidered alone with the close ups

And down  are the photos showing how its made with some poor explanation by me hope you all understand looking at the photos itself.

So first the important thing is that there has to be two threads and not a single one.
Similar to bullion stitch, take the needle out from a point and insert it at a distant, a desire length which you want for the petal. Spread the thread on either side of the needle.

Then wrap the thread around the needle as shown.

Pull it, not too tight as we have to pull the needle out of this woven petal

Now take the thread of the other side and wrap around the needle.

Pull it.

Go on repeating from either sides till the desire length is woven.

Pull the needle out from it as we do for the bullion stitch.

Insert the needle at the same place where you have insert it before and the petal is fixed to the cloth.