26 April 2010


Hi...........today just giving a linkss..
I came across this blog which is all about crochet and crochet...so do have a look if you are interested in crochetting... heres the link.
and an another link.
and another link.


Ingredients :

  • chana dal          1/3 cup
  • rice powder      1 tsp
  • cashews            2 fistful
  • cardamom
  • jaggery
  • coconut
Method :

Dry roast chana dal in the pan and soak in water for an hour.
Soak cashews in warm water.
Grate the coconut and extract the first milk and keep it aside.
Take the second and third milk of the coconut and boil the soaked dal  and cashews in it.
When chana dal is almost cooked add jaggery and boil for some time.
Make paste of the rice powder with little water and add it to this cooked mixture to give it a little thickness.
Add the first milk of the coconut which has been kept aside.
Boil the mixture.
Remember that after adding the first milk of the coconut, the entire concoction should not be boiled for a long time.
Add powdered cardamom and serve.

25 April 2010


The "Recipes" section of HareKrsna.com contains nearly 2,000 wonderful vegetarian recipes from across the Indian subcontinent. In the categories you will find a unique selection of recipes, including multiple recipes for some well known preparations, as they're prepared in different regional cuisines.

prasadam recipes

24 April 2010


A cup of hot pudina chai helps in relieving the symptoms of cough as well as problems of chest congestion.

Ingredients :

  • water                                      2 cups
  • pudina leaves                         10-12
  • milk                                       1 cup
  • cinnamon stick                       1
  • ground cloves                        1/4th tsp
  • grated ginger                         1 tsp
  • ground cardamom                 3/4th tsp
  • black pepper corns               1/2 tsp
  • honey                                   1 tbsp

Method :

Bring water to boil and add washed pudina leaves.
Remove from the heat and keep the pot over for 20 minutes.
Add the milk and the spices.
Stir in the honey.
Heat on the low flame for 15 minutes and serve.


I just came across this lovely book so am sharing with u all, so do have some time and peep in.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Textiles and Clothing, by Kate Heintz Watson

and along with this books some more links of another book.

Single and cut Open-work.

Net and damask stitches.

White Embroidery.

Flat stitch and Gold embroidery.

Irish Lace.

Laces of different kinds.

Miscellaneous fancy work.

23 April 2010


Ingredients :

Khoya                    100 gms
Powdered sugar       50 gms
Cardamom powder
Silver foil and Saffron (optional)

Method :

Cook khoya and sugar till the mixture is slightly thick.
Add saffron(optional) and cardamom powder.
Cook till it leaves the side of the pan.
Spread on grease plate.
Let it cool and cut it into pieces.


I saw the tutorial by Lakshmi of shaded buttonhole stitch with knots and i instantly liked it very much.  As i have completed marking the flowers on my dress so i am making the flowers with shaded buttonhole stitch, but i am not putting the knots, the flowers are shaded buttonhole stitch without the knots.........to see the tutorial i have given the link, its done the same way but without the knots so do see the tutorial.  The flowers are really coming very nice on the dress, the dress is of light parrot green colours and the flowers i have made of tomato red colour.  The photos are not so clear so have to mention  the colours.

22 April 2010

Hi friends...............

Today i have started marking small flowers for my kameez(dress) it took me a bit more time as have to measure the exact distance between the flowers...........thinking to embroider it with shaded buttonhole stitch, which is my recent liking, so have to really make it on some project...so tomorrow will post some updates on it..........

And before i go back to my work let me share a beautiful site of embroidering with you all....the think like this site the most because theres a video clip art for every stitch and you don't need to open it.....

Heres the link. Hope you too enjoy seeing it.

Have a nice day..

17 April 2010

Hello friends................today i am starting to write just what i am thinking.........and i think this is going to be a another coloum to visit if u like to visit...........have been blogging and had stopped for some time and i m back............so for the coming few days will be posting all my old works as i have nothing on hand project ........hope that u may find something of your interest too.............i think i m really being very lazy these days ............but m busy too with my stitching work..........i thank u all my friends and my followers for being here for me........as if its my other home and i have missed u all..........its really a lovely feeling to feel that u all are here.........thanks u so much .

08 April 2010


Heres the link to the tutorial

04 April 2010


Hi friends..........
Knotted buttonhole stitch is the  TAST2 week 5 stitch, one who are not familiar with the stitch can see the tutorial by Sharon B.  The stitch is very easy and can be twisted to your needs like done by Lakshmi, and i have also seen the work of  Shirley which is very beautiful......

And below is some of my twist to the knotted buttonhole stitch.