27 February 2010


this is actually also called bead knot work as the knot resembles beads.

26 February 2010


This is my favorite dish.........

ingredients :

  • urad dal
  • curd
  • spices

Take urad dal and soak in water for 2-3 hours.......
Grind it in mixer add litte water.
Take water in a pan and add salt and keep aside.
Hot oil in kadai and make wadas, put them immediately in the salted water.
Take it out and put in in the curd.
You can add spices of your taste in the curd.
I have added..salt, roasted and ground cumin seeds, red chilli powder,  green chillies, black pepper powder, coriander leaves.

25 February 2010


Hi friends.......yesterday i was trying rosette chain stitch and accidently the stitch got mixed up....that is i forgot the way it is done and i discovered a new variation to the stitch.

In the below flower, the outer ring is made of rosette chain variation and i have filled the center with french knots and the leaves are made using the cretan stitch.

the front and the back view.
and below is the accomplished work

24 February 2010


Hi friends............i like this filling very much...and its easy...........you all have read it many times ...mine saying its easy..the think is that i really don't like anything thats too hard and i am sure in todays busy life one is always looking for something easy and simple .yest the work looks wow.........of course the difficult ones usually becomes easy ones you learn it.....so friens this is my detached button hole filling.........i normally use this type of filling fot he alphabets also.


Dear friends......whenever one purchase radish they usually throw away the leaves......but even the leaves has many vitamins and can be eaten making tasty sabji.......so here i will say you the secret... the radish is bitter to taste and you will think that making sabji is ..........eeh..........oh..........but the thing is you have to cut the leaves and add two cut radish[ optional]  and boil it....when its done drain the water...........and all bitterness is gone...
then you have to take oil in a pan put in green chillies and ginger-garlic and a bit later onions...fry it nicely.
add in the boiled veggy and add in salt chillies and whatever masala to your taste.......and stir for a few minutes and you radish masty is ready..........for an option you can even add chana dal which must be soaked in water for few hours.......it really taste good with roits, parattas and even can stuff in breads.......

21 February 2010


Hi friends......this is the picture of my very first trial of long n short stitch......when i had started i didn't knew that the outcome will be so smooth and overall my thinking was that its very difficult........but now i  think that long and short stitch is very good for filling and easy too......and of course there are variation to this stitch too like u can do it with two colours.....and some more variations which i will post when i finish doing it.
so have a look at my short n long stitch.

19 February 2010


Hi friends.......yesterday as i was sitting with no work in my hands.........so got a very nice inspiration as i was surfing the web.....so here it is.....

  • fern stitch
  • a ric-rac rose and 
  • closed needlewoven picot leaf stitch.

Hope you all too like the idea....so do comment in to let me know that you all are there for me...

the picture are not that clear and am sorry for that.....
the links for the tutorial of the stitches are at.......
needle woven picot
 ric-rac rose

17 February 2010


Embroidered flowers using buttonhole stitch.

14 February 2010


Hi friends, on this day i would like to give you the link for the tutorial of fabric flowers........it was so easy to make the flowers with this tutorial and I thank Lakshmi for sharing it with us.....check out the tutorial here
and the beautiful flowers........

12 February 2010


Beautiful free designs in pdf .......at Free Designs


Hello friends came across a beautiful page on web...very easily explained Stitch Instructions

11 February 2010


Hi friends............earlier have posted the pachis work
And i have just came to know that it is also called algerian eye stitch.
It has eight stitches and is worked counter-clockwise into the same hole.
The stitches are pulled tightly to form a small eyelet in the center.


This recipe is called egg surprise because it can have many combinations of vegetables.....the main thing is that u can use the left over vegetables sabjis and make a delicious omelette for your morning breakfast.

So you can take 1 or 2 eggs, add salt and mix it well.
Heat the pan or tawa, pour the egg batter and spread the left over sabji.
Let the gas stove be slow, when it bakes gently turn over.
Cook for few seconds and put it on the plate.
Serve hot with tomato sauce or you can also stuff this omelette between two slice of bread.
It really taste good
So just give it a try.


There are many kinds of sambhar masalas.........this is the one that i have liked very much.........there are other sambhar masala recipes too which i will share with u all later.

Ingredients :

  • coriander seeds - 2 cups
  • Jeera                - 1/2 cup
  • udid dal            - 1/2 cup
  • chana dal         - 1/2 cup
  • mustard seeds  - 1/4 cup
  • methi seeds      - 1tsp
  • salt                  - 1tsp
  • hing                 - 1/2 tsp
  • kali mirch         - 1 tsp
  • few sticks dalchini
  • 2 handsful curry leaves
  • 2 handsful bedage mirch

Method :
Roast all the ingredients and grind in the mixer.
Store in an airtight container.

08 February 2010


Hi friends.....yet again i am posting some square mirror designs...hope that you all come up with an unique style to fill the designs......

06 February 2010


This is a site for the craft lovers.
It contains handcrafted by master craftsmen.
It also evolves traditional craft forms to suit todays global market.
And it also has the beautiful concept of purchasing online.

05 February 2010


Beautiful kids art and a good site for the kids, do visit pitara.


This is the chutney i have learnt from my sister-in-law and is my sons favourite.
so you will be needing......

  • 1 onion
  • 3 - 4 tomatoes
  • few red chillies
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic[optional]
  • tamarind[optional]

Method :  
First fry take oil in the pan fry garlic and in the same oil fry red chillies. Remove them.
And ten fry the onions till they are brown. Remove them.
In the same oil put in the tomatoes [ cutted into 4 pieces each] stir them till the skin of the tomatoes starts to leave. Remove it.
Note- you have to let all the ingredients cool before grinding them.
When its cool grind it in the mixture, add in salt and tamarind.
Serve with idlies, dosa or parathas.

Other variation with it:

  1. You can add boiled eggs in it if you are eating it with parathas or roti
  2. You can fry brinjal and put it in it.
  3. Even paneer taste good in it.
  4. You can dilute it to your liking.


In this photo you can see the patch work of flower is done.....you have to trace any flower or any other pattern which you want........then you have to stitch it loosely to the cloth so that u can remove those stitches later or for the more durability you cand stitch it with the sewing machine.......then you have to finish off with the button hole stitch which will give it a beautiful look....and you can take the threads of your choice it can be gold, silver or the opposite colour of the cloth which you have taken....the above picture is not that clear so when i do a patch work I will post it for a good close view.


Hi friends.............you can see a beautiful patch creation with machine embroidery of the salwar kameez  here.

04 February 2010


hi friends.....long back have come across on the net this weight loss plan.
The plan is as under;

DAY 1 : have fruits except banana, have lots of melons e.g. watermelon.

DAY 2 : have all vegetables - raw or cooked, start with boiled potatoes.

DAY 3 : have mixture of fruits and vegetables. No banana or potatoes.

DAY 4 : have 8 bananas and 3 glass of milk and limited amount of vegetable soup.

DAY 5 : have sprouts and paneer - 280 gms, 6 tomatoes and increase water intake.

DAY 6 : have sprouts, paneer and vegetables - unlimited amount.

DAY 7 : have brown rice, fuits juices and all vegetables. No beans (kidney beans etc..)

During the diet have water with lemon.
No sugar with black tea.
Can have club soda.
No fruit juices
And you can again go for this diet after the rest of a week.


HELLO FRIENDS.......... this dish goes well with the parathas. You can even use this as a stuffing in the bread sandwich or you can eat it with dosas. I  have the ingredients picture posts and for best result you have to use everest pav baji masala.

this is the amount i took.

cut the onions, ginger and garlic.

the tomatoes must be grated.
then put oil in the pan or kadai, add jeera, green chillies, ginger-garlic and 
after frying for few seconds add in onions, salt, haldi, red chilli if you like

after frying for few minutes add in cutted aloo and simla mirch
and cover it and after it is cooked add in everest pav bhaji masala and your yummy dish is ready.