09 January 2010


The running stitch is very simple and is very fast stitch to finish the filling in a pattern. I think thats why one has name it running stitch. And I hope the beginners didn't thought that to stitch the running stitch we have to be running. So lets me show the beginner the running stitch. The space between the stitches must be same and you can stitch the stitch one at a time or can do as i have shown in the image. So here is the way to make a running stitch.

There are many stitches that can be made on the running stitch..
one way i have shown below.....

below  i have used this stitch, it is also called LACE WORK and i have used combination of colours to give it a mix look.

and there is yet other stitch made on running stitch i.e DOUBLE LACE WORK .....in this stitch we don't have to pull the thread fully. I hope seeing the photo below, you all can understand how it is done.


  1. Anonymous said...

    good starting..........keep it up