09 January 2010


This is a very tasty and healthy snack, as we have to use palak which is full of iron.

Ingredients :

  • besan  - 100gms
  • palak  -  100 gms
  • salt -  as per your taste.
  • green chillies  -  as per your taste [optional]
Method :
Clean the palak, wash it properly, cut it and keep it aside for few minutes so that the excess water drains off.
Put the palak into a bowl and add besan and mix well.
Add in salt and green chillies and very little water.
Note that it is a pakora but the consistency of the dough has to be thick.
When done, take the dough into your palm shape it like a puri and deep fry.
You can serve it with imli chutney/sauce or tomato sauce.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I had been trying making palak pakoras but they use to become soft but from your recipe it had become crisppy. Keep posting.