22 January 2010


Hi friends.... there are sometimes when unexpected guest come to give their visits and we are too tried to make a curry frying onions and others things.........during these times you need a fast recipe so that you just put in and close the cooker and with 2 wistles its ready ...so here it is a very fast to cook dish...........this recipe is even for those who have to go for their job and have to cook in the morning......

so first you take brinjal and patatoes, wash ..cut and keep aside.

then you take onions, tomatoes, ginger n garlic

grind it in the mixer, everything together...
then take the cooker, put a tbsp of oil, put in jeera and add in the grinded paste and vegetable.
add in salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and garam masala and mix well.
close the cooker, keep for 2-3 wistle and your jolly fast brinjal is ready.
can be eaten with bread, chapatis and naan.