26 April 2010


Ingredients :

  • chana dal          1/3 cup
  • rice powder      1 tsp
  • cashews            2 fistful
  • cardamom
  • jaggery
  • coconut
Method :

Dry roast chana dal in the pan and soak in water for an hour.
Soak cashews in warm water.
Grate the coconut and extract the first milk and keep it aside.
Take the second and third milk of the coconut and boil the soaked dal  and cashews in it.
When chana dal is almost cooked add jaggery and boil for some time.
Make paste of the rice powder with little water and add it to this cooked mixture to give it a little thickness.
Add the first milk of the coconut which has been kept aside.
Boil the mixture.
Remember that after adding the first milk of the coconut, the entire concoction should not be boiled for a long time.
Add powdered cardamom and serve.