04 February 2010


hi friends.....long back have come across on the net this weight loss plan.
The plan is as under;

DAY 1 : have fruits except banana, have lots of melons e.g. watermelon.

DAY 2 : have all vegetables - raw or cooked, start with boiled potatoes.

DAY 3 : have mixture of fruits and vegetables. No banana or potatoes.

DAY 4 : have 8 bananas and 3 glass of milk and limited amount of vegetable soup.

DAY 5 : have sprouts and paneer - 280 gms, 6 tomatoes and increase water intake.

DAY 6 : have sprouts, paneer and vegetables - unlimited amount.

DAY 7 : have brown rice, fuits juices and all vegetables. No beans (kidney beans etc..)

During the diet have water with lemon.
No sugar with black tea.
Can have club soda.
No fruit juices
And you can again go for this diet after the rest of a week.